Celebrating kwanzaaday by day

 Candle Lighting

Communal Cup

Creating space for quality time with family and well deserved "me-time" is a huge accomplishment these days.

Whether celebrating Kwanzaa with family or not, focus on the principle of the day listed below. This is a GREAT time to SPEAK your personal goals into fruition! It's time to improve family dynamics, and communities you reside.

Libation is a fundamental part of your daily Kwanzaa activities. For instance, remembering ancestors, and present family as you sip from the communal cup, or gesture a sip from communal cup. Water is the suggested liquid to sip.

Ready? The Kuumba commitment is made by everyone in the household during candle lighting activities.

Day One - December 26th - Light the black candle

Candle is in the middle and represents UNITY (oo-MO-jah)

Day Two - December 27th - Light the first red candle

This candle is to the right of the black candle representing
SELF DETERMINATION is  Kujichagulia - (koo-gee-cha-goo-LEE-yah).

Day Three - December 28th - Light the first green candle


Day Four - December 29th - Light the second red candle
Cooperative economics emphasizes our collective economic strength and encourages us to meet common needs through mutual support.

Day Five - December 30th - Light the second green candle
PURPOSE - Nia - (NEE-yah)

Purpose encourages us to look within ourselves.

Day Six - December 31st - Light the last red candle

CREATIVITY - Kuumba - (koo-OOM-bah)
Use your creative energies to make communities more beautiful than we inherited it.

Day Seven - January 1st - Light the last green candle

FAITH -  Imani - (ee-MAH-nee)
Affirm your self-worth and confidence to succeed and triumph in everyone's righteous struggle.

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