Kinara's can be purchased online in a variety of styles and price ranges.

You can also opt to make one to display in your home for $75 or under, depending on what materials you have handy. Remember not to go in debt when celebrating Kwanzaa by following the sixth principle - CREATIVITY (Kuumba) .   


7 Copper cylinders under $1 each

Michaels Craft Store

Wood letters under $5 per package

Flat wooden circles under $4 per package

Wooden wheels under $5 per package

Acrylic Paint  - one 2 oz bottle under $5

Package of straw under $5

E6000 transparent glue under $8

ROSS Dress For Less

Wood Stump found in kitchen goods for under $7

Bamboo Place Mats - Package of 4 under $6


7 Candles under $3 each

If you're in the mood for a crafting project you might find it empowering to create/build your signature Kinara to pass down through generations.

1. Visualize what yours might look like

2. Check online for ideas

3. Purchase a Kinara online

Finding a Kinara to celebrate Kwanzaa might be a challenge since most retailers don't recognize the celebration. The most popular way to celebrate Kwanzaa is displaying a Kinara (candle holder) to represent the seven principles during the 7 days of Kwanzaa.

Within 3 days I built up a signature Kinara to display during Kwanzaa December 26th through January 1st. My craft list below photos.....

making a kinara to pass down through generations

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Celebrating Family 


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