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Let's Celebrate KWANZAA

Kwanzaa is celebrated by an estimated 14,000 million people. Anyone and everyone is welcome to celebrate because of it's secular, non-political, and non-tribal practice, Kwanzaa is recognized from December 26th to January 1st. 

Kwanzaa is the perfect when interested in bringing social justice to the forefront of conversations, resulting in creating a better world for generations to come. Great time to reflect, renew and energize your moral compass.

The premise is to pay homage to the rich cultural heritage, and traditional values of our known and unknown ancestors.

Kwanzaa is based on seven principles called, Nguzo Saba:

  • Unity
  • Self Determination
  • Collective Work & Responsibility
  • Cooperative Economics
  • Creativity
  • Purpose
  • Faith

Celebrating Family 


& Culture